Calgary Baby Photography: The Composite Image

Calgary Baby Photography: The Composite Image  There is an age where children just don’t want to sit still.  They are filled with energy and have to be on the move.  For those of us who often do Calgary Baby Photography in our studio during the winter months, this can present a challenge.  When the baby becomes a toddler, those little feet are always on the move.

This past while, I have done a few panoramas in our studio and want to share two of them in this blog.  We use the high key background (white) and let the kids do whatever they like.  I sit on the floor and take photos as they move around and respond to their parents.  With a few clicks of the shutter, I have what I need to build a composite image.

FoxFoto-Composite-1ABThis is Amelia, just after her first birthday.  She is dressed in a ballerina outfit that we have in our studio.  Each image was taken on the white background.  We removed Amelia from the white background and placed our three favorite photos on the pink and gray to match the “little dancer” outfit.   The enlargement was printed at 10 inches by 24 images.


This is Ryan who celebrated  his second birthday.  He came over to our studio with his Grandma and Grandpa.  Like Amelia, we photographed Ryan on the white background.  He was a very active little fellow and was actually a blur in some of the images.  But soon we got three images to use for this composite.  This was printed as a 12 inch by 20 inch enlargement.

The work for the panos is done in post production.  There are no tears from tired kids.There are no worried parents.  It doesn’t matter if the children can’t sit still. For the composite, the parents sit the child down on the background and I begin photographing as he/she gets up and moves around.  We do this a couple of times and it is completed.  This is so easy AND painless.

If you are searching for a Calgary Baby Photographer please visit our website:  or phone us at 403-246-0216.  We would love to hear your ideas.

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