Calgary Baby Photography: Baby Jude

Fox Foto: Calgary Baby Photography.  It was all smiles in our studio as we began taking the first official portraits of Baby Jude.  His beautiful mom, Holly, brought him to our Calgary studio.  A couple of years ago, we were honored to photograph Holly’s daughter, Sabella.  Being involved in photographing families as they grow is such a rewarding experience.


Jude was a perfect model for us.  He looked all around as he snuggled into his mom’s arms, but when it came time to posing he did what we wanted….he fell asleep.  It is always advisable for parents to bring their newborns into the studio within the first 2 weeks.  This allows us to capture the sleepy newborn look.



Jude was very content in the basket.  Holly was just out of camera range speaking to him.  It was as though he was listening to her every word.  What an adorable little man!

FoxFoto-Newborn-H-J-7Holly lifted Jude up and posed him for the camera.

FoxFoto-Newborn-H-J-6FoxFoto-Newborn-H-J-4 And no session is complete without little fingers and little toes!  Grandmas AND photographers love these shots.

Holly will be coming in for the second part of our newborn session.  This will include the family with baby Jude.   I am looking forward to doing this next session and seeing Bella once more.  Besides being a wonderful and adoring mom, Holly is a model.  I have known her for many years and love having the opportunity to photograph her and her children.  Thank you, Holly for bringing Jude into our studio.

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