Countryside Portraits Near Calgary

A Day-trip for Portraits 

We received an email from a couple living outside Edmonton.  They had just gotten married and wanted some portraits done of them as a couple.  In a way, this was like an engagement session, but after the honeymoon.   They came to Calgary and met with us in our studio.  We planned the day-trip to take place in the countryside surrounding Calgary.

<ALT="Couple by lake and Mountains">On their next trip down to Calgary, we went on our portrait session to various locations. Above is one of my favorite photos of M and M, taken at Nakoda Lodge at the base of Mount Yamnuska.

<ALT="Couple walking by the lake">

<ALT="Couple laying on the grass">

We drove to the historic McDougall Church at Morley and photographed in that area. Above, our beautiful newlyweds are in the wildflowers beside the church.  The fields were filled with bluebells, daisies, and other flowers.  Flowers and cameras equal romantic countryside portraits.

<ALT="Couple in field at McDougall Church in Morley">

<ALT="Couple at Big Hill Springs Provincial Park">Our drive took us to Big Hill Springs Provincial Park  Because this was on a Saturday, the park was crammed with people of all ages, but they were very gracious and allowed us some space to photograph.  Big Hill Springs Park is an extraordinary place with little streams, pathways, and waterfalls.

<ALT="Couple in a field of Canola">One request that M and M had was to have their portrait taken in the midst of a field of canola.   (We got permission ahead of time from a kind-hearted farmer.)

What a wonderful day this was!  We took many, many images along the way, pausing only to have a quick lunch at Cochrane.   Keith and I got to know more about M and M and their wedding in India, their home in a town outside of Edmonton and their families.   This is one of the great things about photography….we meet amazing people!  M and M certainly are an amazing couple!!!   We enjoyed every minute of our time with them.  Thank you M and M for finding us on the Internet and allowing us to do this photo session.

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