Engagement Photos At Fish Creek Park

Our Engagement Session with Jenifer and Mitch

We were very excited with we first met Jenifer and Mitch.  It was obvious that they were such a beautiful couple and very much in love.  Needless to say, we were thrilled to be doing their upcoming wedding.  We met again with them on a warm September day to do their Fish Creek engagement photos.

Engagement-Photography-FoxFoto-JM-1Engagement photos are always fun to do.  As professional photographers we want to capture the unique relationship and showcase the love felt by the couple.  Jenifer and Mitch had a wonderful easy-going manner about them.   While we walked around Fish Creek Provincial Park, we talked to them about how they met and fell in love.

Engagement-Photography-FoxFoto-JM-2They spoke about each other, not only with great affection, but with great respect.  They were perfect for each other!

Engagement-Photography-FoxFoto-JM-3Engagement photos are a treasured part of a couple’s story.




Keith and I love doing  engagement photos.  It allows us to get to know the couple and it was truly a pleasure to spend time with Jenifer and Mitch.   Their laughter was infectious and other people in the park smiled as they watched from a distance.   As we packed our equipment and headed for the car, we felt that a strong bond had formed between all of us.  Thank you, Jen and Mitch, for allowing us to be a part of this milestone.

Photographers want to create engagement photos for their clients.  Of course, we want to have a collection of lovely and timeless images at the end of the session, but the real purpose of the time together is to help everyone, photographers and couple, feel comfortable together.  

Fish Creek is an amazing backdrop for engagement sessions.  It offers both manicured lawns and wild grass, the creek, fallen trees, rugged fences, and natural props.

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