Banff Springs Hotel Wedding Photography

Banff Springs Hotel Wedding Photography  Is there a more stunning place for a wedding?   Last summer we were at the hotel to photograph the wedding of Ann-Marie and Trevor.  It was a beautiful sunny day.   The sky was filled with clouds that added so much to the images.  The wedding ceremony was held out on the terrace overlooking the mountains.




After the ceremony, we began photographing the family and various groupings on the terrace, then moved to the lawn, and finally to the hotel.


All couples want a portrait that shows where the wedding took place and contains every family member.  This was very important to Ann-Marie and Trevor.


We love the incredible architecture  of the Banff Springs Hotel.  In this passage way, we wanted to preserve the ambiance of this space and still beautifully light Ann-Marie.  We did this by setting the exposure to the ambient light levels, and then adding just a “pop” of off-camera-flash with the white balance set to “Flash”  If we had just used an on-camera flash, the warm and wonderful colors of the background lamps would have been lost.  Using the off-camera flash (with the umbrella) highlighted the soft folds in Ann-Marie’s dress.



The many stairways gave different “points of view” for the photography.   Here, Keith is holding the off camera flash (with umbrella) on the stairs to the right of Ann-Marie and Trevor.  My viewpoint with the camera is at the upper level, leaning forward.   Again, the off-camera flash allowed the soft ambient light to give a rich look to the image.

What a memorable wedding this was!  The bride and groom were truly a kind and thoughtful couple and it was a joy to be with them on this day.  It was obvious to all how much in love they were.  Thank you, Ann-Marie and Trevor, for allowing us to be a part of your amazing wedding!

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