Couples Photography: A National Accreditation

Couples Photography: A National Accreditation.  We are thrilled to announce that we have received a national accreditation in “Couples Photography.”  Most of our images sent for judging were taken from our engagement photos, but we included two images from our maternity portraits.

This brings the number of national accreditations that Fox Foto has obtained to thirteen.  An accreditation may be achieved by a professional photographer who submits ten images to the national jury.  All ten images must fall into the same category, such as “couples,” “children,” etc.  The judges examine each image for creativity, proper lighting, storytelling, technical expertise, and other elements of a good photograph.  Each image must be accepted by the judges before a national accreditation is awarded.











The above ten images are the ones we entered to receive our accreditation.  In accordance to the requirements, we needed to have portraits taken both inside, and at outdoor locations.  We love our maternity couples and so we included two of these images.

To see the engagment album we created for Andrew and Ela, the couple whose image appears at the top of the post please click here:

Accreditations are important to clients.  When the client sees that an accreditation has been awarded, they have the assurance that their chosen photographer has had their work reviewed by a panel of the best photographic artists in the country. This award is given by the Professional Photographers of Canada.

Thank you so much to our wonderful couples.  Every time we look at the images we are reminded of the time we spent together and the shared laughter.  Couples’ photography is all about love and we feel privileged to record these most precious memories.

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