Studio Maternity Photography: Rachelle and Brendan

I love doing studio maternity photography.  In our Calgary studio we are able to do several “looks” using the high key (white) background, the black background and our virtual background machine.  With the background machine, we can drop in a variety of backgrounds in seconds to match whatever outfit the mom-to-be is wearing.

Rachelle and Brendan were expecting their first child.  Since we did these images, they now have a beautiful little girl, Baylee Marie!   Congratulations!!!

We really have come to love the profile portraits of the couple and are doing several versions at each session.  The image is all about the baby and the lighting is more dramatic.  This particular image was a favorite of Rachelle and Brendan.

Another image features Brendan and the “belly.”   We also do very tight shots of the dad-to-be with the belly.   This shows the beginning of a special love story:  dad and baby.  Now that baby Baylee is here, that love will grow daily,  even through the teething, the terrible twos, and the early teens.  🙂

Studio maternity photography can offer the crisp and clean look of High Key.

This photo of Rachelle is shown as a soft black and white.

Thank you, Rachelle and Brendan.   Our very best to you in this incredible new role as parents.

Studio maternity photography gives warmth and privacy to the couple and allows us to complete the session despite the changing Calgary weather.   We do outdoor maternity photography as well.  The deciding factor is always what the couple prefers.  Calgary has beautiful parks, many with bubbling steams, gnarled old trees, and tall grasses, great spaces for maternity shots.

If you are looking for a  photographer, we invite you to go to our website and look at our portfolio and sessions.   403-246-0216.   Give us a call or an email and we can talk about what you have in mind.  

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