Calgary Newborn Photography: Baby Emma-Lee

Calgary Newborn Photography: Baby Emma-Lee   Baby Emma-Lee has arrived, much to the great joy of her waiting family, Catherine, William and Reid.  As it has often been said, “Of all the precious gifts in life, the best must surely be a baby.”


And what a precious baby she is!


Emma-Lee is a beautiful little girl, happy to snooze through most of her session.  When she stirred, Mom was there to cuddle her and rock her back to sleep.


We took many photos of our “sleeping beauty,” using some of our backgrounds and props.

We always divide up our newborn photography into two parts.  The first session focuses completely on the baby. In the second session we create the all-important images of the newborn and family.


I love this image of Catherine and Emma-Lee.


Proud father William spent most of the session entertaining son, Reid, but was certainly happy to have his turn with Emma-Lee


Photos of the family are fun to do.  When there is a new “big brother” involved, he is always ready to step into the portrait.  Reid had already taken to his new role and was very affectionate to Emma-Lee.


And what family session is complete without the loving grandmothers?  Here is one of the images we took of Baby Emma-Lee with her adoring mom and grandma….three generations.


Will’s mother had traveled some distance to welcome her new grand-daughter.  Emma-Lee was content in Grandma arms.

We could tell that Emma-Lee was a truly loved child.  She is surrounded by warmth and gentleness and will grow up cherished by her family.

Thank you to William and Catherine for allowing us to share with them this time of celebration and for allowing us to photograph their new daughter.

Be sure to check yesterday’s blog and see a couple of the maternity images of Catherine and Will.

We welcome any questions about our maternity and newborn photography.  If you are expecting and are looking for a photographer, please give us a call at 403-246-0216.  You can check out our website at

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Maternity Portraits: Waiting For Emma-Lee

Calgary Maternity Portraits: Waiting For Emma-Lee.   We photographed Catherine and William’s wedding several years ago, and were elated to have them over to our studio for maternity portraits.  This is a rather late post for this session.  Actually, Emma-Lee is one year old now and we are going to be doing photos with her again…, I thought that I had better catch up here.  Tomorrow I will do a blog post showing images of Emma-lee just after she arrived.


This handsome little man is Reid, Catherine’s and Will’s son.  He is quite an incredible lad, with such a sweet disposition.  You can see his big smile when he feels his sister moving.


Catherine looked beautiful.  For this image, she chose one of our draping fabrics.  We have a large wardrobe filled with tops and fabrics for use in these sessions, so our moms don’t have to make any purchases.


This pose is my very favorite at maternity sessions.  The light, off to the side, highlights the baby bump and the faces of the parents reflect to joy that they are feeling.  I love it!



We also like to photograph on the white background, giving the high key effect.  We take many photos, including some fun ones.  The white background is perfect for children, and everyone else, to relax and have fun.

If you are wanting to have maternity portraits taken during your pregnancy, please give us a call at 403-246-0216.  We are nationally accredited in Maternity Portraiture and would love to photography you.  Check out our website at

We can capture these images in our studio or at an outdoor location and will work with you to ensure that you get the images you want.  The best time to have the photos taken is near the end of the seventh month, or the beginning of the eight month.

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Calgary Baby Photography: The Composite Image

Calgary Baby Photography: The Composite Image  There is an age where children just don’t want to sit still.  They are filled with energy and have to be on the move.  For those of us who often do Calgary Baby Photography in our studio during the winter months, this can present a challenge.  When the baby becomes a toddler, those little feet are always on the move.

This past while, I have done a few panoramas in our studio and want to share two of them in this blog.  We use the high key background (white) and let the kids do whatever they like.  I sit on the floor and take photos as they move around and respond to their parents.  With a few clicks of the shutter, I have what I need to build a composite image.

FoxFoto-Composite-1ABThis is Amelia, just after her first birthday.  She is dressed in a ballerina outfit that we have in our studio.  Each image was taken on the white background.  We removed Amelia from the white background and placed our three favorite photos on the pink and gray to match the “little dancer” outfit.   The enlargement was printed at 10 inches by 24 images.


This is Ryan who celebrated  his second birthday.  He came over to our studio with his Grandma and Grandpa.  Like Amelia, we photographed Ryan on the white background.  He was a very active little fellow and was actually a blur in some of the images.  But soon we got three images to use for this composite.  This was printed as a 12 inch by 20 inch enlargement.

The work for the panos is done in post production.  There are no tears from tired kids.There are no worried parents.  It doesn’t matter if the children can’t sit still. For the composite, the parents sit the child down on the background and I begin photographing as he/she gets up and moves around.  We do this a couple of times and it is completed.  This is so easy AND painless.

If you are searching for a Calgary Baby Photographer please visit our website:  or phone us at 403-246-0216.  We would love to hear your ideas.

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Calgary Baby Photography: Baby Jude

Fox Foto: Calgary Baby Photography.  It was all smiles in our studio as we began taking the first official portraits of Baby Jude.  His beautiful mom, Holly, brought him to our Calgary studio.  A couple of years ago, we were honored to photograph Holly’s daughter, Sabella.  Being involved in photographing families as they grow is such a rewarding experience.


Jude was a perfect model for us.  He looked all around as he snuggled into his mom’s arms, but when it came time to posing he did what we wanted….he fell asleep.  It is always advisable for parents to bring their newborns into the studio within the first 2 weeks.  This allows us to capture the sleepy newborn look.



Jude was very content in the basket.  Holly was just out of camera range speaking to him.  It was as though he was listening to her every word.  What an adorable little man!

FoxFoto-Newborn-H-J-7Holly lifted Jude up and posed him for the camera.

FoxFoto-Newborn-H-J-6FoxFoto-Newborn-H-J-4 And no session is complete without little fingers and little toes!  Grandmas AND photographers love these shots.

Holly will be coming in for the second part of our newborn session.  This will include the family with baby Jude.   I am looking forward to doing this next session and seeing Bella once more.  Besides being a wonderful and adoring mom, Holly is a model.  I have known her for many years and love having the opportunity to photograph her and her children.  Thank you, Holly for bringing Jude into our studio.

If you are expecting, and are looking for a maternity and/or a newborn photographer, please give us a call at 403-246-0216.  We are nationally accredited in Maternity Photography and in Children And Infants.  Check out our website at

If you would like to view some of the images we used to gain our Children And Infants accreditation, click here:

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Countryside Portraits Near Calgary

A Day-trip for Portraits 

We received an email from a couple living outside Edmonton.  They had just gotten married and wanted some portraits done of them as a couple.  In a way, this was like an engagement session, but after the honeymoon.   They came to Calgary and met with us in our studio.  We planned the day-trip to take place in the countryside surrounding Calgary.

<ALT="Couple by lake and Mountains">On their next trip down to Calgary, we went on our portrait session to various locations. Above is one of my favorite photos of M and M, taken at Nakoda Lodge at the base of Mount Yamnuska.

<ALT="Couple walking by the lake">

<ALT="Couple laying on the grass">

We drove to the historic McDougall Church at Morley and photographed in that area. Above, our beautiful newlyweds are in the wildflowers beside the church.  The fields were filled with bluebells, daisies, and other flowers.  Flowers and cameras equal romantic countryside portraits.

<ALT="Couple in field at McDougall Church in Morley">

<ALT="Couple at Big Hill Springs Provincial Park">Our drive took us to Big Hill Springs Provincial Park  Because this was on a Saturday, the park was crammed with people of all ages, but they were very gracious and allowed us some space to photograph.  Big Hill Springs Park is an extraordinary place with little streams, pathways, and waterfalls.

<ALT="Couple in a field of Canola">One request that M and M had was to have their portrait taken in the midst of a field of canola.   (We got permission ahead of time from a kind-hearted farmer.)

What a wonderful day this was!  We took many, many images along the way, pausing only to have a quick lunch at Cochrane.   Keith and I got to know more about M and M and their wedding in India, their home in a town outside of Edmonton and their families.   This is one of the great things about photography….we meet amazing people!  M and M certainly are an amazing couple!!!   We enjoyed every minute of our time with them.  Thank you M and M for finding us on the Internet and allowing us to do this photo session.

Please check out our website at:   and if you are looking for a photographer to record a family milestone, or to have some lovely portraits created, let us know.

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Engagement Photos At Fish Creek Park

Our Engagement Session with Jenifer and Mitch

We were very excited with we first met Jenifer and Mitch.  It was obvious that they were such a beautiful couple and very much in love.  Needless to say, we were thrilled to be doing their upcoming wedding.  We met again with them on a warm September day to do their Fish Creek engagement photos.

Engagement-Photography-FoxFoto-JM-1Engagement photos are always fun to do.  As professional photographers we want to capture the unique relationship and showcase the love felt by the couple.  Jenifer and Mitch had a wonderful easy-going manner about them.   While we walked around Fish Creek Provincial Park, we talked to them about how they met and fell in love.

Engagement-Photography-FoxFoto-JM-2They spoke about each other, not only with great affection, but with great respect.  They were perfect for each other!

Engagement-Photography-FoxFoto-JM-3Engagement photos are a treasured part of a couple’s story.




Keith and I love doing  engagement photos.  It allows us to get to know the couple and it was truly a pleasure to spend time with Jenifer and Mitch.   Their laughter was infectious and other people in the park smiled as they watched from a distance.   As we packed our equipment and headed for the car, we felt that a strong bond had formed between all of us.  Thank you, Jen and Mitch, for allowing us to be a part of this milestone.

Photographers want to create engagement photos for their clients.  Of course, we want to have a collection of lovely and timeless images at the end of the session, but the real purpose of the time together is to help everyone, photographers and couple, feel comfortable together.  

Fish Creek is an amazing backdrop for engagement sessions.  It offers both manicured lawns and wild grass, the creek, fallen trees, rugged fences, and natural props.

To view another Fish Creek engagement session, please click here:

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Baby’s First Year, A Book of Photography

Baby’s First Year, A Book of Photography, Calgary:  Jaime picked up the book we created to highlight a year of photo sessions staring her son, Liam.  The sessions began in our studio when Jaime was eight months pregnant and finished when we visited their home to capture images of Liam at Christmas.

The book was around fifty pages and was 12×12 inches complete with dust cover.  I have chosen a few pages to feature in this post.   Please note that the foxfoto watermark was not on the actual book….of course.



Babys-first-year-photography-foxfoto-L3We spend much time with the newborn session, as this is so meaningful to the family. Although we always do many images of the newborn, we like to feature the relationship of the baby to all family members, including big brothers and  sisters.  These are treasured more and more as time goes by.  We offer to do the newborn portraits in two sessions, one with the darker backgrounds and then in the second session we use a white background.  Almost everyone chooses to do both sessions.


Photographing a baby’s first year allows us to see the amazing growth and changes that occur in only a few months.  With Liam’s big brother Aiden, we watched how lovingly he handled his baby brother.  Aiden was always ready for his “close-up” and to be photographed with the family.  He would then return to his iPad while things carried on around him.



We have clothing in our studio for our clients, whether it is for maternity or baby.  My stock of hats, props and little outfits is growing by the week.


The bath tub is always fun.  We keep a jar of bubbles just for this session.

There is always one outdoor session.   We met with Jaime, Jeff, Aiden and Liam at Confederation Park and walked around, taking many candid portraits of the boys playing.  Liam was most curious about the tall grass and the dandelions, just like his big brother.

Thank you, Jaime and Jeff.  We look forward to seeing you again.

To view more maternity images please check out this link:

To view a post featuring newborn baby Kian:

We invite you to go to our website and see more of our work:  

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Banff Springs Hotel Wedding Photography

Banff Springs Hotel Wedding Photography  Is there a more stunning place for a wedding?   Last summer we were at the hotel to photograph the wedding of Ann-Marie and Trevor.  It was a beautiful sunny day.   The sky was filled with clouds that added so much to the images.  The wedding ceremony was held out on the terrace overlooking the mountains.




After the ceremony, we began photographing the family and various groupings on the terrace, then moved to the lawn, and finally to the hotel.


All couples want a portrait that shows where the wedding took place and contains every family member.  This was very important to Ann-Marie and Trevor.


We love the incredible architecture  of the Banff Springs Hotel.  In this passage way, we wanted to preserve the ambiance of this space and still beautifully light Ann-Marie.  We did this by setting the exposure to the ambient light levels, and then adding just a “pop” of off-camera-flash with the white balance set to “Flash”  If we had just used an on-camera flash, the warm and wonderful colors of the background lamps would have been lost.  Using the off-camera flash (with the umbrella) highlighted the soft folds in Ann-Marie’s dress.



The many stairways gave different “points of view” for the photography.   Here, Keith is holding the off camera flash (with umbrella) on the stairs to the right of Ann-Marie and Trevor.  My viewpoint with the camera is at the upper level, leaning forward.   Again, the off-camera flash allowed the soft ambient light to give a rich look to the image.

What a memorable wedding this was!  The bride and groom were truly a kind and thoughtful couple and it was a joy to be with them on this day.  It was obvious to all how much in love they were.  Thank you, Ann-Marie and Trevor, for allowing us to be a part of your amazing wedding!

If you would like to visit another wedding related blog post, please view this one featuring many weddings party groupings:

You can visit our website at:

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Couples Photography: A National Accreditation

Couples Photography: A National Accreditation.  We are thrilled to announce that we have received a national accreditation in “Couples Photography.”  Most of our images sent for judging were taken from our engagement photos, but we included two images from our maternity portraits.

This brings the number of national accreditations that Fox Foto has obtained to thirteen.  An accreditation may be achieved by a professional photographer who submits ten images to the national jury.  All ten images must fall into the same category, such as “couples,” “children,” etc.  The judges examine each image for creativity, proper lighting, storytelling, technical expertise, and other elements of a good photograph.  Each image must be accepted by the judges before a national accreditation is awarded.











The above ten images are the ones we entered to receive our accreditation.  In accordance to the requirements, we needed to have portraits taken both inside, and at outdoor locations.  We love our maternity couples and so we included two of these images.

To see the engagment album we created for Andrew and Ela, the couple whose image appears at the top of the post please click here:

Accreditations are important to clients.  When the client sees that an accreditation has been awarded, they have the assurance that their chosen photographer has had their work reviewed by a panel of the best photographic artists in the country. This award is given by the Professional Photographers of Canada.

Thank you so much to our wonderful couples.  Every time we look at the images we are reminded of the time we spent together and the shared laughter.  Couples’ photography is all about love and we feel privileged to record these most precious memories.

You can view another blog entry about engagement photos by clicking here:

If you want a professional photographer to capture special images for you, please visit our website,  or call us at 403-246-0216.  We would welcome your call!

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Studio Maternity Photography: Rachelle and Brendan

I love doing studio maternity photography.  In our Calgary studio we are able to do several “looks” using the high key (white) background, the black background and our virtual background machine.  With the background machine, we can drop in a variety of backgrounds in seconds to match whatever outfit the mom-to-be is wearing.

Rachelle and Brendan were expecting their first child.  Since we did these images, they now have a beautiful little girl, Baylee Marie!   Congratulations!!!

We really have come to love the profile portraits of the couple and are doing several versions at each session.  The image is all about the baby and the lighting is more dramatic.  This particular image was a favorite of Rachelle and Brendan.

Another image features Brendan and the “belly.”   We also do very tight shots of the dad-to-be with the belly.   This shows the beginning of a special love story:  dad and baby.  Now that baby Baylee is here, that love will grow daily,  even through the teething, the terrible twos, and the early teens.  🙂

Studio maternity photography can offer the crisp and clean look of High Key.

This photo of Rachelle is shown as a soft black and white.

Thank you, Rachelle and Brendan.   Our very best to you in this incredible new role as parents.

Studio maternity photography gives warmth and privacy to the couple and allows us to complete the session despite the changing Calgary weather.   We do outdoor maternity photography as well.  The deciding factor is always what the couple prefers.  Calgary has beautiful parks, many with bubbling steams, gnarled old trees, and tall grasses, great spaces for maternity shots.

If you are looking for a  photographer, we invite you to go to our website and look at our portfolio and sessions.   403-246-0216.   Give us a call or an email and we can talk about what you have in mind.  

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